Gifting Goodness this Holiday Season

Welcome to our Holiday Gift Guide!

We are sure to have something for every chocolate and coffee lover on your list!

We're all looking for something "unique" or "practical" when it comes to buying the perfect gifts during the holidays - but how about gifts that are sustainable? Words like "eco-friendly" and "green" get thrown around too often without really acknowledging the facts. ChocoSol works directly with our growing partners to source sustainably grown cacao that fosters forest regeneration. Our packaging is omni-biodegradable and our mission is to bring chocolate that is good for mind, body and soil to your table through our slow food practices.

Studies show that we generate 25% more waste over the holiday season than any other time of the year. So, this year, let's consider being kinder to the environment by gifting meaningful and ecological presents that will be appreciated by not only our family and friends, but that the earth will appreciate too!

At ChocoSol, we have created a specific guide to help you choose something meaningful for the most exciting time of the year! From lovely gift packs to stocking stuffers - we've got products that are delicious, unique, and ecological.

Let's get started!  

For Cacao Lovers - we have the Festive Joy Gift Box. It’s a range of chocolate bars (65% to 82% dark) that will make this season extra special! It includes 5 of our classic Rustico bars:

*Vanilla Sea Salt

*Coffee Crunch

*5 Chili Bullet

*Darkness and Sinfully Raw Vanilla

AND 2 limited-edition holiday bars

*Christmas Cranberry 

(Our Christmas Cranberry bar is 65% cacao embedded with sweet & tart organic cranberries from Northern Ontario.)


(Merry-Mint is a fresh, holiday-time favourite! This festive bar is 65% dark chocolate paired with organic mint, peppermint extract and a touch of spice.)



For Coffee Lovers - here's a gift pack that will bring extra cheer during these cold winter months!


This simple duo is ideal for the coffee lover in your life. Our medium-dark bold roast is a fan favourite and is used in our Coffee Crunch Chocolate as well. Both of these appeal to all palates. The coffee is great for making americanos, cold-brew, mochas and espresso!


Vanilla Pod Stocking Stuffers - for the baker or candle stick maker!

These Ecuadorian vanilla pods sparkle and smell like magic. We carefully package them up in triple packs that are the perfect size for a stocking. It also takes about three vanilla pods to make your own vanilla extract. Trust us, you won't regret it. Did you know, that vanilla grows in forest gardens as a vine on other trees including the cacao tree! We use this vanilla in our own chocolates including the infamous Vanilla Sea Salt. Let us know what you make with yours!


Three Bar Pillow Pack - a little treat for everyone!

Not sure how dark your friends/family like their chocolate? Use this triple pack to find out. This cute little box will have our 65% Vanilla Sea Salt (the sweetest treat in store), a 75% Darkness bar (If you like it plain, simple and dark) and our 82% Sinfully Raw Vanilla (this takes the cacao experience to a whole new level; sprinkled with nibs and dangerously dark, this chocolate takes many of our customers by surprise). This pack is perfect as a little gift, we hope they share! :P


Jaguar Chocolate Collection

Our Jaguar chocolates are back in stock and you can choose from four different bars - Jaguar Pure, Jaguar Swirl, Jaguar Crunch and for the intense cacao lover - Jaguar Unsweetened 99%. Jaguar chocolates made with theobroma bicolor (white cacao), are uniquely satisfying and have tasting notes of caramel, coffee, peanut butter (no actual peanuts involved, our chocolates are completely nut-free) and butterscotch.

These are a great gift for people with nut allergies to try something creamy and smooth that's made with them in mind, and for people who like lighter and sweeter chocolates!



Serious about reducing waste? We love to support eco-warriors with in-store specials!

Grab a Jar or bring your own container!

Another great idea for gift giving this season - come by our store and pick up a variety of your favourite chocolates for a great deal. You can wrap it up the way you like and gift it to your dear ones! 




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