Have you seen the beautiful tapetes hanging in our space at 1131 St. Clair West? We are auctioning off several unique pieces as a fundraiser for a beloved member of the ChocoSol family in Oaxaca, Mexico: Angela Mendoza Martinez. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind holiday gift for yourself or your loved ones, and a gift embedded with meaning, solidarity, and the generosity of holiday spirit, check out the auction site by clicking here!


The Mendoza family are recognised master weavers who use traditional methods to make their unique artworks. They are close friends of ChocoSol and dear members of our direct-trading network in Mexico. Michael Sacco, the founder of ChocoSol, became close friends with Luis Mendoza while living in Oaxaca. Luis’ mother, Angela Mendoza Martinez, has been spinning and dying wool all her life- and creates rugs (tapetes), bracelets, shawls, and more. ChocoSol is lucky to have a number of commissioned pieces woven by both Angela and Luis in our space in Toronto.
Unfortunately, this past May, Angela Mendoza experienced kidney failure. She was forced to travel via private taxi to Oaxaca City three times a week in order to receive treatment. Since then, she has been on dialysis treatment. Due to the high cost of getting a doctor from the city, the family has renovated a room in their house to create a sterile home environment for Angela to receive home-treatment.
Before falling ill, Angela was a vendor at the local Organic Pochote Market in Oaxaca City, Mexico. She has been unable to sell her wares at the market, and has been unable to weave any new pieces since her operation. Her two children have also both been away from work since May in order to support and care for Angela. In June, ChocoSol helped to fund a fundraiser event was organised by Chris Christou, a member of ChocoSol based in Oaxaca, and held at the Pochote Market. Community members, vendors, and customers alike came together to raise money for the family.
However, the Mendoza family is still in need of financial support. In solidarity with the family, we are auctioning five tapetes hand-woven by Angela for ChocoSol. The wool is hand-made and dyed by the family, using all natural dyes made using traditional methods. These pieces are valued each between $400 to $600 (depending on the size and design), and are priceless in their originality and meaning.
Below, please enter your bid for any or all of the tapetes. The auction will close on Friday, December 22nd at noon. Please remember to check back regularly to see if you have been outbid! You can enter the auction as many times as you wish. Participants will also be emailed a few days before the closing date with the new bid minimums. The winner for each item will be announced at our Winter Solstice event on Friday, December 22nd (and will be notified by email). The tapetes will be available for pick-up at 1131 St. Clair West. Delivery options within Canada can also be discussed.

Enter the auction here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SJJMPYS

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