Xocolatl: Mexican drinking chocolate


Did you know “chocolate” comes from the Nahuatl word “xocolatl”, which roughly translate as “bitter water”? In fact, across South America, cacao was traditionally consumed as a drink, not a food. Our Mexican-style drinking chocolate are based in that tradition, and make a rich, frothy, not-too-sweet cup of chocolate! Now you can try all of our flavours in our Drinking Chocolate Chest. You’ll receive 4 packages of each standard flavour (the classic Xocolatl, Vanilla Choco-Latte, Oaxacan Cinnamon, and spicy Aztec Blood) plus 1 package of specialty Tejate.


Photo: A local woman preparing to serve tejate at the annual Tejate Festival in the village of St Andres Huayapam in Oaxaca.

Tejate blends cacao and maize with roasted mamey seeds and rosita de cacao into a thick, rich, and energizing drink. Tejate has pre-Hispanic origins, and is still used today in ritual contexts and important festivals including the Day of the Dead or Todos Santos. In Oaxaca, you’ll often see tejate being hand-mixed and served by Zapotec women in markets across the region.

Each drinking chocolate package contains 180g (8 servings). They normally retail for $10 each, but this Drinking Chocolate Chest retails for only $40 (no tax)*.

You can use our drinking chocolate for making hot or iced drinking chocolates, mochas, or try using them for Chocolate Chia Pudding! Simply blend or add 1/2 cup of chia seeds into 2 cups of drinking chocolate, and let chill overnight (or for a few hours). We like to add cacao nibs, dried fruits, seeds, and top with seasonal fresh fruit.


Pre-payment via Interac e-transfer is required. To place an order, contact orders@chocosoltraders.com and provide your full Canadian mailing address. This is a limited time offer while supplies last.

*Additional shipping charges will apply (rates vary depending on location).

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