Oaxaca Profundo Coffee: A ChocoSolista’s Trip to our Coffee Growing Communities


In March 2016, one of ChocoSol’s Lead Animators (Emily Wat) was sent to Mexico to visit 2 of our coffee growing communities in the mountains of Oaxaca as part of our ongoing commitment to building horizontal trade relationships.

Although coffee is not native to the lands of Mexico, Indigenous communities in Oaxaca have successfully integrated this crop into their agroforestry traditions. In doing so, small scale producers are earning a dignified living by selling high quality, organic, shade-grown coffee grown in forest gardens that support plant and animal bio-diversity and also serve as carbon storage units.

To learn more about Emily’s trip, you can view her PowerPoint presentation Oaxaca Coffee Profundo: From Cafetal to Cup.

P1160516espresso cup and beans


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