Re-discovering Cacao: PhD Research Discussions with Michael Sacco



Join Michael Sacco, ChocoSol Founder and Trent University PhD candidate, to explore the spiritual, ecological, and geo-political unfolding of the story of chocolate. Engage in a four-part conversation about his thesis (no background knowledge is needed, just a passion to engage in the story of cacao).

Time: Each night runs from 7-9 PM and includes eating and drinking chocolate in a convivial setting.

Location: ChocoSol (1131 St Clair Ave West, east of Dufferin)

Price: $20 per night with 10% off in-store purchases after the event. If you attend all four events, you will receive a special gift bag at the end. Purchase online from:

See below for what topics are discussed each night. Please make sure you choose the right date(s) when making your online purchase.

  1. Thursday, April 14 = Re-discovering the 20 teachings of cacao
  2. Thursday, April 28 = Re-discovering the spiritual ecology of cacao from sustainable field gardens to regenerative forest gardens
  3. Thursday, May 19 = The political geography of cacao (what is the teachable moment of cacao in the 21st century)
  4. Thursday, June 2 = The Chocolate Manifesto (making a world in which many worlds can belong)

Cacao began as the food of the gods. There was a complex connection between cacao and the spiritual ecology of pre-hispanic Mesoamerica. As a result of the globalizing forces set in motion by the 1492 conquistadores, a combination of greed, pleasure, aesthetics, and ingenuity transformed cacao from a spiritual medicine and currency into the candy bars and superfoods of today.


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