The Growth of the Maize Project

Over the course of 2015, ChocoSol used a grant from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs to grow the maize project. Here are some pictures and information showing how the maize project started and where we are now.Product - white corn

Click here to see the arc of the Maize Project: Maize Project Final

The main purpose of the ChocoSol Maize project is to develop a supply chain to support the production of fresh, healthy maize tortillas, tamales, and nachos made from Ontario grown and harvested ingredients.

The Maize Project is deeply rooted in agro-ecology. In the past, it was challenging to source local and organic maize, so we wanted to build a horizontal-trade supply chain in Southern Ontario.

The Maize project is also inspired by the knowledge of the indigenous communities we work with both in Ontario and Mexico. It is an expression of interculturality, where we are learning from Mexican food traditions and re-imagining what it looks like to grow that food in Ontario.

Our Maize Project will be back to taste at farmers markets in the spring. We also offer on or off site workshops all year round. Check out the workshops tab on our website, or email to find out more.

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