Fri, Nov 20: Collaborative Tasting with ChocoSol & 4 Life Natural Foods

mathieu serving tejate stone, sunbricks, vanilla, beans 20150608-4life590-15 Gustavo


Join 4Life Natural Foods Chef Xavier Balducci and their Pastry Chef, Tatiana Rimbault, for an intimate chocolate food tasting at ChocoSol. This is a special collaborative event with 4Life Natural Foods, hosted by ChocoSol’s Chief Market & Wholesale Animator Mathieu McFadden.

Our dear friends at 4Life Natural Foods have been instrumental in collaborating and celebrating local, sustainable, high quality foods in Toronto and is one of our oldest partners. Their new space in Kensington Market has allowed them to expand their in-house line where they exclusively use our dark chocolate for all their chocolatey desserts. This is a great chance to sample their goods as we approach the holidays.

The theme of the evening will focus around discussing Gustavo Esteva’s teachings (Founder of Universidad de la Tierra) and the importance of the learning community — different people, business, and volunteers working in their own capacity.

Tatiana Rimbault is 4Life Natural Foods’ Pastry Chef. She studied the art of pastry for 4 years in France (Grenoble and Toulouse) where she obtained the highest diploma in French pastry. She worked in 2 pastry shops in France (Le Fidèle Berger and Sandyan), a 2 Michelin Star-restaurant (Le Clos des Sens) and as a pastry Chef in Australia (Prime Restaurant GPO Sydney).

Date: Friday, November 20, 2015
Time: 5:30 – 7:30pm
Location: ChocoSol (1131 St Clair Ave West)
4 Course Menu (Vegetarian + Vegan options)
Price: $25

Attendees also receive a 10% discount on all ChocoSol purchases

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