Nov 19: Kernel to Tortilla Workshop & Tasting

Cacao beans and other ingredients used in the preparation, and drinking of real chocolate by ChocoSol.

Join us for a #FeastON Nights experience, in partnership with OCTA: Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance.

Let’s go on the journey of a kernel of maize beginning from its history rooted in indigenous traditions, its nourishment, growth, harvest, and preservation, the ritual of nixtamalization and masa, and finally ending with wholesome food: the delicious tortilla, tostada, and tamale.


Corn, or maize, is a staple food for many, and yet is understood and respected by few. Redefine your understanding of this ancient crop through our hands-on workshop, where you will have the opportunity to learn and participate in the processing of a kernel of maize into a beautiful (vegan) tortilla. The tasting menu will include other maize-based food and drink, as well as cacao and chocolate!

When: Thursday, Nov 19 @ 6:00 PM
Where: ChocoSol (1131 St Clair Ave West, Toronto)
Reserve your ticket online:!/app/experience/371

IMG_1914Corn&GrindersChocotilla with seasonal fruit.

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