ChocoSol challenges people to get their biophilia on

cacao pods on tree

In Cajete’s book Native Science, biophilia is the innate instinct that all life has an affinity to other life, and that humans learn about the natural world through participation in it, not detached and ‘rational’ study. ChocoSol tries to embody this view.

Our chocolate is rooted in place, the ecology of the way it was grown, and equity for the people who grow it. Our cacao is grown in sustainable polyculture forest gardens to nurture biodiversity. The connection of living beings continues, as we form direct relationships with our farmers and pay above Fair Trade prices for our beans.

The simple act of eating ChocoSol chocolate and letting the rich flavours dissolve on your tongue is an act of participation; it’s an act that forges connection between yourself, people, and the planet. So get your biophilia on, and challenge other friends to do the same by checking out ChocoSol at 1131 Saint Clair West, or voting for us in Now’s Best of Toronto.

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