Welcome to the ChocoSoil blog

Hello and welcome to the ChocoSoil blog!

This is your destination to find out the latest on ChocoSol’s rooftop garden and worm composting research project, ChocoSoil! We will be sharing with you the ingredients that we are growing for our cacao and maize kitchens. Plus, get an up close and personal look at the worms – the engine of our soil-making operation! For now, let’s meet the team- our lead animator Byron and interns the ‘ChocoSoil Sistas’ 🙂


image-2Byron: I love the challenge of composting and container gardening here at our St. Clair West facility. Transforming neglected urban areas into high density food gardens is an active and fun way to address our modern environmental challenges. ChocoSol has a unique opportunity to provide community based research on urban agriculture, and to demonstrate our potential in growing food and healthy soil. I’m excited to share this research with you!


Madison: I had my first experience with Toronto based urban agriculture projects last year as an intern with Cultivate Toronto. I had an awesome growing season on a rooftop container garden in Regent Park and wasable to make valuable connections within the Regent Park Farmers Market. I loved the experience of growing and connecting with others in the community. I was inspired to deepen my knowledge and completed the Master Organic Gardener course at The Stop through Gaia College. I learned about permaculture principles and holistic soil making practices. I was on the lookout for an environment where I could garden with similar values and feel that this is what I found and more at Chocosoil. I am happy to be a part of this project and to share it with you! My true loves are dill and parsley.

photo-4Sarah: Growing up in BC, I always had a natural connection to nature. I looked up to mountains, lived by the sea, and helped my parents in their gardens. I moved to Toronto to learn how to protect and sustain those vital components to my happiness and well-being. Although I was studying the environment, I felt a lost of connection. It didn’t take me long to notice the momentum of the urban ag movement in Toronto and I knew that I had to get involved. I took the Gaia College Organic Master Gardener course, started volunteering at community garden days, and visited the farmers markets. These opportunities took place in amazing communities and through these experiences and my studies I gained a deeper knowledge and respect for community-based projects that are sustaining the Earth. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work on the ChocoSoil research project and am looking forward to keeping our blog updated with our challenges and success!

Check back throughout the season to see what’s growing! For more info on ChocoSoil check out our website chocosoltraders.com/chocosoil. Reach out to Madison (madison@chocosoltraders.com) and Sarah (sarah@chocosoltraders.com) with any questions or fun and interesting things that you want to share with us! 


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