Sat April 25: ChocoSol Tasting, Talk, & Tour – An Exploration of Sweetness

Saturday, April 25th

12:30pm, 2:00pm, 3:30pm


Get to know ChocoSol through the 3 T’s:

TASTING: Let an expert Chocosolista guide you through a tasting of our various cacao and chocolate foods, including beans, Mayan-style xocolatl (drinking chocolate), and artisanal dark eating chocolates.

TALK: Engage in an in-depth bean-to-bar chocolate talk (including discussions on the history and cultural teachings of cacao, chocolate making techniques, horizontal trade, and forest garden permaculture). Learn about ChocoSol as a social enterprise/learning community that embraces ethical practices, ecological sustainability, and the slow food movement.

TOUR: Take a tour through our production facility and see how we make our award-winning chocolate food (NOT chocolate candy).

This month’s workshop theme: We will explore sweeteners and sweetness, including the lack thereof, in our various creations. Sweetness is a luxury to be seriously considered! It is important to be conscious on how various sweeteners and sugars affect your health. Your health is not all encompassing though! Think of the roots of foods, the people who grow it and the traditions in which it is prepared. There are very real issues with sugar and exploitation on both ends of the spectrum. That’s why ChocoSol keeps our chocolate dark and pure! Our chocolate foods can be enjoyed with joy in moderation with a full heart, knowing all ingredients are sourced for their quality and ethical and ecological connection to people, communities, and soil.

3 start times available: 12:30pm, 2:00pm, 3:30pm
$20 per person in advance / $25 at the door (CASH only, subject to availability)
Buy Tickets
Minimum 5 people needed per event. Maximum of 10. Attendees also have the opportunity to purchase ChocoSol products at a reduced price.

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