Chocolate Bunnies are Back!

Spring has sprung and ChocoSol’s solid chocolate bunnies are back! We’ve got 4 options for you plus a weekly giveaway.

1) Small bunny with 5 eggs (62g): $6

ChocoSol Small Chocolate Bunny w 5 Eggs 2015 62grams
2) Medium bunny (135g): $10
ChocoSol Medium Chocolate Bunny 2015 135grams (2)
3) Tall bunny (150g): $13
ChocoSol Tall Chocolate Bunny 2015 150grams (2)
4) Mega bunny (600g): $35
ChocoSol Mega Chocolate Bunny 2015 600grams

PLUS: Share, like, or retweet any of the bunny photos we post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (@ChocoSolTraders) to be entered in a weekly draw for one of our bunnies (draw dates: March 21, 28, & April 4)!

Like all ChocoSol chocolates, our chocolate bunnies are made with direct trade, organic cacao, and are free from nuts, soy, dairy, gluten, and animal products.

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