Cacao and Your Heart

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Cacao is a heart medicine. The high levels of magnesium in cacao feed our hearts, and the blood vessel dilating properties in cacao and the artery cleaning properties of cacao butter get our blood flowing better. Moreover, the nutrients and some of the chemical compounds in cacao make us feel happy and nourish our spirit. In particular, phenylethylamine is known for this, but cacao is more than just one chemical…it is a cocktail of unique and subtle compounds, vitamins, fats, proteins, fibers, and volatiles, that combine into a delicious morsel. When gifted, chocolate is imbued with even more power than any one element on its own.

It is for this reason that the gift of chocolate is both medicinal and spiritual, it works on the physical level and the symbolic level, to inspire us, to raise our spirits, and to be given as a gift to those that we love.

ChocoSol celebrates the way in which cacao is part of a forest garden ecology that sees plants like cacao, achiote, and vanilla expressing a deep conviviality that helps with growth, pollination, and with adding delicious and nutritious value. This trinity of the forest garden is part of the beautiful Indigenous spiritual ecology of the forest gardens and is part of the powerful symbolism of our favourite aphrodisiac: chocolate.

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