Saturday’s ChocoSoil Workshop!

This Saturday!!

ChocoSoil Workshop
Saturday, January 25, 4 to 6 PM
Join ChocoSol’s Byron Koss for a 2 hour interactive workshop exploring our ChocoSoil project. Learn about how ChocoSol creates a closed-loop cradle-to-cradle culture within our production systems, and how we up-cycle cacao shells, cacao char, paper towels, and food scraps into our worm composters to create value add products and solutions to urban soil amendment and food production.

Attendees will participate in demonstrations on our roasting, winnowing, and grow light operations, as well as hands-on activities such as sifting cacao shells, mixing ChocoSoil blends, and feeding the worm composters. Eating and drinking chocolate samples will be provided!

$25 per person (cash please).
A minimum of 10 people are needed. Maximum 15.
Attendees also have the opportunity to purchase ChocoSoil products at a reduced price.
To reserve your spot, please email
Facebook event:

Credit: Alex Boake
Credit: Alex Boake

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