13 Days of Solstice

Check out ChocoSol’s festive joy and love gift packs!
From December 9 to December 21, for the 13 days of solstice we’ll be unveiling a new holiday gift pack every day.

**ChocoSol’s holiday hours are available here**

Once a gift pack has been displayed, you’ll be able purchase it, as well as any of the previous days gift packs. Please note that there are limited supplies of some items.  

Gift packs can be picked up at our kitchen location (1131 St. Clair West) or we can send packages to our regular farmers’ markets (for market packages, please email us with a few days notice to info@chocosoltraders.com).

About ChocoSol: Our artisan chocolate is made in Toronto using organic, forest garden, shade-grown cacao, sourced directly from indigenous communities in Southern Mexico. Our chocolates are made without dairy, gluten, soy and nuts, and are also vegan.

On the thirteenth day of solstice…

December 21: Day 13 Gift Pack

5 bars of eating chocolate

2 packages of drinking chocolate

1 pound bag of coffee

2 bags of cacao (beans or nibs, 250g each)

3 vanilla pods

1 small package of cinnamon bark


Day 13 Gift Pack, 21Dec13

On the twelfth day of solstice…

December 20: Day 12 Gift Pack

1 24 square bar of chocolate

2 Wayne Roberts books (The No-Nonsense Guide to World Food and Get a Life)


Day 12 Gift Pack, 20Dec13

On the eleventh day of solstice…

December 19: Day 11 Gift Pack

1 package of drinking chocolate

1 Mayan vase

1 Edible Toronto magazine featuring ChocoSol


Day 11 Gift Pack, 19Dec13

On the tenth day of solstice…

December 18: Day 10 Gift Pack

1 metate and mano (small size)

1 bag of cacao beans or nibs (250g)


Day 10 Gift Pack, 18Dec13

On the ninth day of solstice…

December 17: Day 9 Gift Pack

2 pucks of jaguar albino chocolate

1 package of cacao beans or nibs (250g)


Day 9 Gift Pack, 17Dec13

On the eighth day of solstice…

December 16: Day 8 Gift Pack

1 molcajete (mortar and pestle)

1 bag of Mexican chilis

$50 for the small molcajete

$80 for the large molcajete

Day 8 Gift Pack, 16Dec13

On the seventh day of solstice…

December 15: Day 7 Gift Pack

20 vanilla pods (organically grown, product of Mexico)


Day 7 Gift Pack, 15Dec13

On the sixth day of solstice…

December 14: Day 6 Gift Pack

1 bag of coffee (1lb)

1 package of cacao beans or nibs (250g)


Day 6 Gift Pack, 14Dec13

On the fifth day of solstice…

December 13: Day 5 Gift Pack

1 package of drinking chocolate

1 molinillo

1 clay pitcher (lead-free, made in Mexico)


add $20 for 5 clay bowls (lead-free, made in Mexico)

Day 5 Gift Pack, 13Dec13

On the fourth day of solstice…

December 12: Day 4 Gift Pack

2 gift certificates to an Artisanal Chocolate Workshop


*Please contact info@chocosoltraders.com for your gift certificates

Day 4 Gift Pack, 12Dec13

On the third day of solstice…

December 11: Day 3 Gift Pack

2 packages of cacao beans or nibs (250g each)

2 clay jars or boxes (lead-free, made in Mexico)


Day 3 Gift Pack, 11Dec13

On the second day of solstice…

December 10: Day 2 Gift Pack

5 bars of eating chocolate, 24 square per bar (Darkness, Sinfully Raw Vanilla, 5 Chili Bullet, Luscious Coconut, Hemp Gold)


Day 2 Gift Pack, 10Dec13

On the first day of solstice…

December 9: Day 1 Gift Pack

4 drinking chocolate packages, 2 pucks per package

(Xocolatl, Vanilla Xoco-latte, Aztec Blood, Oaxacan Cinnamon)


Day 1 Gift Pack, 09Dec13

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