Event on March 18

On Monday, ChocoSol will be at New College, University of Toronto for this event:

“Food is part of every spiritual tradition. Join leaders of different faiths at New College, University of Toronto, for an exploration of food and spirituality. Speakers will discuss the role of food in their faiths, as well as how their spiritual traditions are engaging with issues including hunger, the obesity epidemic and environmental degradation.

All of the speakers are part of the University of Toronto community. They include:
Amjad Tarsin, Muslim Chaplain
Catherine Star, Wiccan Chaplain
Ralph Carl Wushke, Ecumenical Chaplain
Andrea Most, Associate Professor of American Literature and Jewish Studies

Chocolate (known as the food of the gods in Indigenous Mexican culture) will be served by ChocoSol Traders.

Date: Monday March 18, 2013
Time: 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Location: Wilson Hall Lounge, New College, U of T, 40 Willcocks

Sponsored by New College and the New One Program”

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