Enjoy a Thai Massage and Contribute to Chocosol Projects!

Purchase a 90 minute Thai Yoga Massage $69  (Value $135)
30% of sales will be shared with Chocosol to support innovative projects in the community. 

Victory of Light encourages Chocosol, community development and social enterprise. 
Let’s have the conversation! 
But first, book an appointment with Jai Jot to relax, release and renew your authentic self.

Purchasing Your Thai Yoga Massage is Easy!
1.  Send an Interac Email Money Transfer to jaijot@jaijot.ca   (cash arrangements can be made;  just call)
2.  Receive your purchase confirmation
3.  Call Jai Jot to book your Thai Massage session 416-837-3698     www.victoryoflight.ca
4.  Share the opportunity with your friends
5.  Buy one for a friend- just provide your friend’s name and email address.  We will forward a gift certificate on your behalf.  

Purchase by midnight August 25th, 2011
-30% of all proceeds shared with Chocosol
-Thai Yoga Massage conveniently provided at Yonge and St. Clair
-You will have until March 21, 2012 to book your Thai Yoga Massage appointment
-All personal information will be held in the strictest confidence to protect client privacy

Jai Jot’s 90 minute massage is the best massage I’ve ever had. It’s a total body treatment that left me completely relaxed and refreshed!
Michael Cavanaugh, Marketing Consultant

I am not only realizing the desired results from my sessions with Jai Jot, but I am working with someone who is both dedicated and professional.
Don Macfarlane, Financial Advisor   www.relegrity.com

As someone who has known Jai Jot for a long time, I have always found her to be a patient and compassionate listener who seeks not to judge but to understand; who listens not just with her ears and mind, but with her whole being; who listens not only to the words being spoken but to the spirit behind them. When she speaks, it is to share wisdom and understanding that resonates with the listener. The result is a connection on a deep level that brings the core essence of a situation into the light where true learning and healing can take place.  

Lisa Marsan
Martial Arts Instructor

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