Let’s get this fired up!

Check out our first blog post about our campaign to crowdfund our solar cacao roaster and pedal powered winnowing machine on Rockethub!


Hello crowdfunders and ChocoSol community,

We had a great kickoff on the 25th of February with over 100 folks packing our convivial kitchen and production space. We are now ready to launch this project and change the way we think about food production.

Here’s what our two first fuelers have to say about ChocoSol and our project:

“I wanted to support this project for three reasons: I’m a big fan of bikes and alternative energy sources; I’m a big fan of Chocosol; I believe when 1 & 2 combine forces, it will expand the reach of both — a win-win.” – Sam Perry, dedicated volunteer with the Toronto Cyclists Union

“The reason I decided to support this project, is partly because it is a grassroots campaign. As such, it thrives on community support. Chocosol, in particular, is made up of people who cultivate authentic relationships and carve careers through wholesome learning. I have experienced your environment on several occasions and admired the collective self-effort, dedication, craftsmanship and ingenuity.” – Xan Lazaridis, Wasaga Beach-based artist and photographer, interested in local food & gardening. Check our her business here: www.FaceART.ca


Why do YOU support ChocoSol? And who do you know that would want to see this project take off?


Let us know here, or by email info@chocosoltraders.com


Que siguen floreciendo,


The ChocoSolistas

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