Our Holiday Gift Packages are ready!

We have three fantastic gift packages for this holiday season. Take a look!

Our goal is to sell 500 “10 for $10” gift packages to support our research and design in building an off-grid, zero-waste container factory.


ORDERS OF $150 OR MORE receive pedal-powered delivery

Email your orders to:  orders@chocosoltraders.com
Phone them in to:  (416) 923 – 6675

Pick-up at:

The Cacao Loft
6 Joseph Street
4th Floor
Yonge & Wellesley


(Just click on the photo to get a better look!)



2 thoughts on “Our Holiday Gift Packages are ready!

  1. Are you open any time on saturdays, or only from mon-fri? do you have to order in advance before pick up or do you have gift packages ready at your location?

  2. We are open Monday to Friday from 10am-5pm. If Saturday is your only free day we can certainly work something out. We have packages ready! Email orders are also appreciated.Thanks!

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