Mexican drinking Chocolate @ "About Cheese"


Catch ChocoSol Mexican drinking Chocolate and lots of delicious samples at the "Cheese Market" every Saturday this month!

483 Church St
Saturday 9am to 2pm!

5 thoughts on “Mexican drinking Chocolate @ "About Cheese"

  1. I’ve been looking but unable to find ChocoSols recipe for their hot chocolate. They linked me through to this spot but no can find!!! Can anybody help??? Please??? I bought some of their chocolate (including the chili chocolate) but have no recipes to treat everyone for Christmas!!

  2. The recipe for our hot chocolate is in the photo above,click to save photo to download or print. If you can’t see that for some reason here are the directions :)Chocosol Hot Chocolate Recipe: Take two triangles of a puck per 250-300ml of hot water and emulsify in a blender, if it’s not sweet enough I would recommend adding a tsp of honey, maple syrup or agave.

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