Terroir IV: Inspiration and Innovation March 2nd

Eco-Innovation is becoming more rooted into our minds everyday because people are becoming more conscious of the products they are using and they are finding different ways to incorporate it into their daily routines. Like having re-usable bags when grocery shopping, using re-usable mugs when buying coffee at a local café or even bringing their own packaging to stores that encourage them to think more sustainably. The hospitality industry is becoming more innovative and sustainable with the education, experience, knowledge, tradition and inspiration with each and every professional. The dessert buffet for Terrior will be reflecting and using eco-innovation with each and every step of the way through upcycling  which is a process of coverting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products that will have a similar or greater value. Also, only using renewable energy such as solar technology and pedal power as well as human powered kinetic energy. When applying these uses of technology  you get to realize how much waste is created  everyday by just one person and see that the benefits will not only help us today  but also for future generations to come.


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